The measures and methods of preventing fish diseases

The measures and methods of preventing fish diseases
“Prevention is better than treatment is an important approach to the prevention of disease. Practice has proved that the implementation of this policy, the mortality of fish can be significantly reduced. Fish live in the water, their activities, food, we can not see clearly, once the fish sick, there are some difficulties in treatment. Livestock, poultry, sick to the oral or injection of drugs and other treatments, and the fish disease, especially the fry and fingerling unable to adopt these methods. Diseased fish are loss of appetite, drugs can not enter the fish body and on the efficacy of often fail to ideal effect, for fish disease treated with oral agents only have not lost appetite of diseased fish. In addition, drug treatment of large water, lakes, reservoirs, is still unable to carry out treatment. Some diseases such as: diplostomiasis and sporozoosis, once happen, not the drug can work. Therefore, the significance of fish disease prevention is especially important.
One, the whole pond
Pond condition is good or bad, directly affect the growth and survival of fish. Therefore, the improvement of pond environment, preventing disease and is an important part to improve the yield of. Clear pond, pond, the environmental conditions of the one of the effective measures to improve, generally speaking, the mechanical pond has the following benefits:
1, reduce the disease. Pond cleaning can clear pond sediments in a variety of pathogens, intermediate host, snails, mussels and qingni moss, thereby reducing the diseases.
2, change thin pond for fat pond. After cleaning the pond, the aeration condition was improved, the mineralization of humus was accelerated, and the organic material was converted into nutrient salt, which was achieved by the aim of thin and fat.
3, increase the amount of stocking, the pond sludge cleared, the water storage increased, the corresponding increase in the amount of stocking.
4, consolidate dike pool, increased ability to resist risks, clearing the silt can be heightened and reinforced dam, leakage reduction, is conducive to the improvement of production of pond fish.
5, increase the farmland fertilizer, the bottom of the humus is farmland good fertilizer.
Drug cleaning:
There are many kinds of drugs, commonly used with lime and bleaching powder; dry pond pond: lime dosage for 100-150 kg / mu, dry spraying can also be dissolved after the spill, bleaching powder 10-15 kg / mu, dissolved pool splatting. With water pond: calculated according to one meter depth, lime dosage for 250-300 kg / mu, bleaching powder 20-30 kg / mu, according to the actual water depth, the amount may be appropriate changes. Sprinkle lime not only can kill various pathogens, but also can play the role of mediation, indirect water fertilization.
Two, to strengthen the management of feeding
Who is good at using character to keep the method, especially good “water, bait, dense, plates, tubes,” fish farms (households), fish will reduce or does not occur. Therefore, we must conscientiously do a good job of these important link, the feeding management and prevention and treatment of fish diseases closely combine to make fish less or no morbidity. Ignore or relax these links, even if there is a better method and prevention and treatment of drug, but also can not completely solve the problem of fish disease. Feeding management mainly do the following work:
1, patrol pond: fish rearing in the pond, water is the survival of the fish outside environment, due to biological, physical and chemical factors, the growth and development of fish and resistance to disease, the ability to have a very important relationship. Early, middle and late every day to inspect the pond, in order to grasp the specific circumstances of the pond, and timely measures. Food and water quality of pond fish activities, mainly to see the fish. Make patrol pond record, easy to sum up experience to improve and improve.
2, rational feeding: feed quality and feeding technology is key to the bumper of the fish in the moat, they should choose the regular manufacturers at reasonable prices, quality clearance of the bait and in proper time and a fish pond in the proper position according to the breeding of fish, fish at different growth stages, the fish in the moat and season, the weather, the water temperature and water quality conditions, feeding in sufficient quantities, this is commonly referred to as the feeding quality is qualitative, quantitative, timing, positioning
3, to prevent the spread of pathogens: timely detection of disease, to prevent the spread of pathogens and spread, is an indispensable link in the whole feeding and management work. Found in fish, to timely treatment, which may reduce the occurrence and development of disease.
Three according to the season, water temperature, fish disease epidemic of drug prevention and the method for food field hanging medicine bag or splatting, given medicines such as bait