10 tips for summer prevention of fish disease

10 tips for summer prevention of fish disease

With the advent of the summer hot season, the high season is the fish in aquaculture during the use of drugs is very frequent. But there are many users do not understand the characteristics of aquaculture fish disease control process of drugs, improper use of fishery drugs, the result not only cause economic waste, but do not receive good results. This paper introduces the ten tricks fish medication to help farmers safe, effective medication to achieve healthy farming.

    1. To remedy. Blind administration is taboo fish diseases prevention and control, so that both reach the purpose of prevention and treatment of disease, but also cause economic waste, even from the side effects. Fishery drugs chosen scientific premise is accurate diagnosis of fish diseases, a comprehensive understanding of the nature and mechanism of drug prevention, so that remedy. One must not use illegal drugs, such as chloramphenicol, norfloxacin, furazolidone, sodium pentachlorophenol, malachite green and so on. The second is to choose the appropriate medication for the condition. The third is to prevent allergies to drugs different farmed species.

    2. Drug administration time is generally in the evening before, after throwing medicine, air temperature, water temperature is lower, can reduce fish stress and physical exertion. As the morning throwing drugs, due to dissolved oxygen in the lowest state, could easily lead to hypoxia floating head. Administration of sunlight at noon, will reduce the efficacy. The rain and thunderstorms should not be splashed drug at low pressure weather.

    3. spilled liquid, must not designated dumping applications wooden ladle, spoon evenly sprinkle the like. Quanchiposa should gradually downward from upwind downwind, so that drugs even spill. In particular pond corners is easy neglected, resulting in less than the area of ​​medication, sterilization, insecticide is not complete, so fish disease recurrence.

    4. To accurately measure the drug spilled water; mixed feed drugs to more accurately estimate the weight of fish, so as not to cause poisoning or drug overdose insufficient reach therapeutic effect. Allowed to calculate the volume of water is not enough and said the drug, a phenomenon often appear Quanchiposa because of insufficient dosage, the water reach a certain concentration, poor control effect. In contrast, excessive dosage, fish endure beyond the limit, then it will cause a lot of deaths.

    5. Before the drug according to claim spill fully dissolved with boiling water, warm or cold, the drugs can not spill particulate or lump, lumps, to prevent drugs are not fully dissolved, the water is still less than the required concentration, or drug particles are fish eating and death. As of lime slurry to spill, spill bleach should not be dry. Dissolving drug should pay attention to water temperature, such as insecticidal herbs require a temperature at 60 ℃ ~ 100 ℃.

    6. Do not spill drugs fed feed, preferably after the first feeding sprinkle drugs. However, when feeding bait, to make fish fasting, let the fish snatch, in order to reduce the residence time of bait in the water, in order to avoid the drug lost in the water, resulting in waste and efficacy of drugs can not reach.

    7. The two drugs used in combination, should pay attention to drug interactions, but also to melt mixing respectively. Two or more drugs in combination, or just use a drug, the effect has not disappeared, and then they use a second drug, may increase or decrease the efficacy occur, it may appear to enhance or reduce the side effects, it is necessary to pay attention to drug interaction effect. Usually farmers should not secretly mixed fishery drugs should be used under the guidance of technical staff. Such as lime can not be mixed with bleaching powder, copper sulfate, trichlorfon. Acidic drugs and basic drugs can not be mixed. Mix the drug should be preceded by tests conducted small water bodies, and then to use a large area, must not blind mix.

    8. When the fish floating head floating head or immediately after, not medication, otherwise it will create a large number of fish deaths.

    9. Notice of drug validity. The use of expired drugs, both reach the control effect of the disease, and some will produce harmful side effects. Prevention and treatment of fish diseases with drugs, especially bleach easy to damp failure, so use dried bleach powder, lime use block ash. Usually the drug according to the provisions safekeeping and use within the warranty period.

    10. The administration should be prepared before the preparation of some emergency measures, medication should be a period of observation in the field (2 hours to 4 hours), do not leave the pond, observe the fish situation, pay attention to whether there are unusual circumstances, if it is found fish floating head or not serious normal, should take timely measures.