Cut off the source of infection disease

Cut off the source of infection disease
Control the spread of pathogens of fish diseases, reduce or inhibit the growth rate of the reproduction of the pathogen and drug prevention measures is very important, especially on fish, bait, tools disinfection is not neglect.
1, fish body disinfection
Disinfection of fish body mainly through the bath method, will fish body is arranged in the higher concentration solution in, after a short time of bath, killing fish pathogens. The bath container available barrel, plastic tub, cabin, water tanks, etc., if the number of fish, batch no bubble or close cage for soaking container. Soaking drug before it is best to check out the fish pathogen, and then select the drug, according to the fish body size and physical strength and Tianzhu, JuShui flexible grasp the concentration. In the process of immersion, the fish should be regularly checked for the tolerance of the fish, so that the time of immersion is easy to master. There are several drugs for the disinfection of fish body;
Salt: concentration 2% ~ 4%. Soak 5 to 10 points, the main prevention baizui disease, gill rot disease, killing some protozoa, three generations of insect, Dactylogyrus etc..
Copper sulfate: concentration of 8 mg / kg, no washing 20 points, mainly to prevent fish wave Bodo disease, Trichodina disease, kill parasites on the body surface of the protozoan pathogens.
Bleach: concentration of 10 ~ 20 mg / kg, soak 10 minutes or so, can prevent fine Han skin disease and gill disease.
Trichlorfon: concentration of 10 mg / kg, dipped 15 points, can kill some protozoa, three generations of insect, Dactylogyrusis etc..
2 food disinfection
Commonly used food and field disinfection method has suspension method and sprinkling method two kinds.
Suspension method: the drug is placed in a container with a micro hole, suspended in the food field, so that it can be dissolved in water, and can achieve the purpose of disinfection. Suspension for drug and food disinfection with field bleaching powder, sulfuric acid, pin dipterex. The container is hanging baskets, bags, plastic bags, a hollow foam block material. After suspected bagged liquid material, need to tip in bag nimble holes, hole size and number should be shellfish live Zhang Yue, the drug in more than 5 hours the dissolving as well, and to in suspension to surrounding reaches a certain concentration as the basis. Foam blocks cut inside after the drug is placed in the central chamber, and then have the rope hanging in the food field. Hang number tender to fish to into the feeding site for the degree, in the water and fish cage culture in the suspension feeding grounds of the disinfection effect is also very good.
Test method: medicine every 1 to 2 weeks, with chlorine preparation, such as bleaching powder 250 grams of water in the food field around it 1 times, better disinfection effect.
3 disinfection
Fish with a variety of tools, especially tools used in the pond onset, such as nets, cask, wooden ladle, fishing, waterproof clothing etc., tend to become a medium for the spread of fish diseases, small tools disinfection can be used 10 mg / kg CuSO4 or higher concentrations of potassium permanganate soak for more than 10 points, large tool can be in the sun drying in the reoccupy after. Disinfection should be complete, such as the attachment to the fish on the tool of the small melon worm, encountered a bad environment can form a cell capsule, and in the cell capsule continue to split, with the tools to bring people to the environment, thousands of larvae will be broken out, so that the small melon worm disease.
4 water disinfection
After a period of time, the organic matter and suspended substance increase, the water quality is gradually deteriorated, and the pathogen is gradually increasing. Therefore the fish disease epidemic season regular disinfection of aquaculture water, killing in water or fish pathogens, effective measures of prevention. Water disinfection is in the entire culture water body in the drug. Effective disinfection drugs commonly used is the lime, the water depth of 1 meters per acre with lime 25 kg. There are many excellent disinfectant, such as bleaching powder (1 mg / kg), bleaching powder concentrate (0.1 ~ 0.2 mg / kg) and trichloro isocyanuric acid (0.3 mg / kg) and sodium dichloroisocyanurate (0.3 mg / kg), chloramine T (2 mg / kg) and the sterilization effect is good; copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate mixture (5:2.0.7 milligrams (mg) / kg), trichlorfon (crystal content of 90%. 0.2 mg / kg), miechongling (0.5 mg / kg), good insecticidal effect.
5 food disinfection
Fish pathogens often with bait into the bait, so delivery must be clean and fresh, after disinfection. Plant food, such as water plants can be used 6 mg / kg bleach solution diffuse foam 20 to 30 points. The land plants collected under the sun can not be disinfected. Animal feed, such as snail, fish and shrimp and merchandise bait mix a small amount of CTC or Oxytetracycline Residue (according to the amount of feed 5 valves mixing ratio) can be fed. The fish manure must be rotten, and add 120 grams for every 500 kilograms of bleach disinfection treatment can be put on the big pool.