Fish disease prevention

Fish disease prevention
Fish disease prevention and control work must follow the principle of “no disease prevention, early treatment, prevention is more important on the treatment course, to avoid and reduce diseases caused by the loss. Because fish and other aquatic animals living in the water, their activities, people are not easy to detect, once sick, and timely and correct diagnosis and treatment have certain difficulties. Especially after the occurrence of many diseases, the disease of fish has no appetite, even with the use of specific drugs, can not enter the fish moving objects. Bird, animal disease by oral administration or injection of drugs and other methods of treatment, and the diseased fish, especially the fry and fingerling cannot adopt these methods. As a result, the use of oral medication for fish diseases, only in fish has not lost their appetite, it is more effective. In vitro drug use can only be applied to small areas of fish ponds, and for large areas of lakes, reservoirs or water fish is very difficult. Prevention and treatment, prevention and treatment, prevention first, in the prevention of the eradication of infectious diseases, as far as possible to cut off the route of transmission and invasion, but also to improve the disease resistance of fish, take comprehensive preventive measures to achieve the desired effect.
Disinfection of aquaculture water
Breeding water body is the place where fish live and grow, the quality of water environment, directly affect the health of the fish, so we must pay attention to the disinfection work of breeding environment. In recent years, due to the fish aquaculture neglect cleaning disinfection, the occurrence of freshwater fish bacterial septicemia to freshwater aquaculture in China brings loss is heavy, the lesson is profound. The pond cleaning disinfection mainly including dressing and drug cleaning pond.
Dressing fish pond fish culture water, especially fish ponds, after a period of time the fish, silt by HSI accumulation, if too much silt, not only affect the capacity of water and on water quality deterioration and pathogen growth, reproduction are the promotion of the role. Ignore the sludge removal work, provides a living environment for pathogens, causing diseases continue to occur, to bring greater losses. Dredging method and times often manpower digging pick and mechanical desilting and dredging in winter, to drain the water in the pool, and then clear the silt. After dredging for exposure to the fish pond, cold frozen for a period of time, and then filling it, in order to kill the remnants of the pathogen and fish predators.
Drug cleaning
Various types of aquaculture water, in addition to the cultured fishes for aquatic economic animals, exist including bacteria, algae, qingni moss, clam and snail aquatic insects, frogs, wild miscellaneous fish and aquatic plants, and other organisms. Fish pond water, give them provides a living water environment, some of them itself is a fish pathogen, some media of transmission of pathogens, some of them are fish predators and must therefore be manual removal and disinfected, to kill them. Medicine commonly used lime, bleaching powder and tea etc..
Is the best disinfection method of lime pondthe recognized. Lime is the lime, which is not the massive lime, commonly known as “pipe ash” (calcium chloride, CaO). Lime pondthe dry pondpond pond with water and two kinds of methods
Dry cleaning pond is in dressing the fish pond, the bottom of the pool, leaving only 6 ~ 10 cm deep water, in the bottom of the pool everywhere dug several pits, prepare investment and quicklime is now Tang hydration. How much is small, so that it can be poured over the whole pool. A small pit is dug, the lime into the water, ranging from the cooling to the surrounding it, across the pond everywhere (including embankment foot). Lime dosage is generally 75 kg per mu,
The amount of lime pond with water for 150 kg per mu in aquaculture water depth of 1 meters. Pond with water. First lime water, the water after the pool splash; better is the lime Sheng in the wicker basket, hanging on the boat, sinking into the water, a rowing boat in pool and amble, lime slurry scattered water soluble. Lime pond run out of time, good effect. Lime pond can not only kill the pathogens in the pool and other aquatic organisms and to clarify the pool water, precipitating the suspension of colloidal organic matter, such as cement, at the same time, the pool of mud and mineralization, the release of mud adsorbed nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements, increase water and fertilizer. In addition, lime in case of water into hydrogen chloride calcium, but also absorb carbon chloride precipitation of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate to the silt into the porous structure, improve ventilation conditions of the bottom of the pool, accelerating the decomposition of organic matter of the role, calcium carbonate and stable water pH value of the role of thin Lin, is beneficial to the fish’s life, calcium is also essential for plant nutrition elements, so the application of lime, also played a role of fertilization.
Bleach cleaning, convenient operation, time-saving. Bleaching powder can kill wild and miscellaneous fish and other predators, bactericidal effect is very strong, but not of lime to improve water quality and make the water fertilizer effect, and bleaching powder easily deliquescence, easy to reduce the effect, the chlorine stable. Bleaching powder containing about 30% available chlorine, used to determine the content to accurately determine its use, by 30% of the available chlorine bleaching powder, mu 1 meters deep water use bleaching powder 13.5 kg, namely 1 meter no water amount 20 grams, that is, to make the water of 20 mg / L concentration. At present, there are sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloro isocyanide uric acid, monochloramine t chlorine containing drugs can also be used on the market, but it should be accurate calculation, so as to avoid ineffective or economic uneconomical,
Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other areas in the habit of using tea fish pond. The tea cake is pomace remaining plants of Camellia fruit oil, saponin containing camp, haemolytic toxin. Tea can kill wild and miscellaneous fish, frog and tadpole Dou, snails, mussels, leech, shrimp, crab and some insects, but the fish pathogenic bacteria without killing effect, can help storm algae breeding, disease prevention effect than lime. Tea amount per mu water depth 1 m of water with 50 kg or so, use the method is, the first grinding tea, put in in a tank of water and warm water immersion, soaking for 1 day and night to use, with even the residue with water, edge spill edge water, times evenly sprinkle.