Methods of drug use and its characteristics analysis

Methods of drug use and its characteristics analysis
The success or failure of the treatment is related to the use of the method. Even with the correct diagnosis, no effective methods of administration of drugs, right, still can not achieve the purpose of treatment. If you just put the drug into the water or in a casual way to mix the people in the food, it is expected to cure the disease, Deng is absolutely wrong. Medication methods in our country are mainly seven, introduce as follows now (different administration methods have their advantages and disadvantages, according to the actual situation to use)
1 oral
Oral administration refers to the drug mix feed made bait, cast after feeding drugs into the human digestive tract and is absorbed into the blood circulation of mermaid bodies. In feeding, temporary drug mix bait is also very commonly used oral administration, commonly employed in the turtle, eel and cage culture in. Bait is made of drugs, although with less drug in the loss of water, but there are also unfavorable aspects, such as drug in the finished product is easy to deteriorate degeneration, more important is due to the drugs have been according to a certain proportion of mixed feed, when the fish feeding rate decreased, the bait feeding may not up to a predetermined dose and effect.
Oral administration of the drug dosage less, easy to operate, no pollution of the environment, the fish body does not produce a stress response. But its biggest drawback is the treatment effect is affected by the fish in the moat of feeding ability, due to the many diseases of the first symptom is appetite decrease or loss of, so appropriate use in early onset. The administration methods of filter feeding fish (such as silver carp, eel) and feeding activity biological bait fish (such as Mandarin) have some difficulties.
Oral administration of drug treatment success is in the following three aspects is the prerequisite for the fish to feeding, good palatability of drugs, the drug can be absorbed in the digestive tract.
2 times over
Sprinkle refers to in the water for a long time using low concentration (but still effective concentration of drug, which is most commonly used in our country of a kind of administration method. Its efficacy is not affected by the appetite of Akira ring, as long as drugs do fully dissolved and sprinkling uniformity, all individuals can access to drugs. However, the use of the method of sprinkling, the drug can not be effectively absorbed into the body, although the water body of the pathogen has a better anti-virus effect. However, the efficacy of the drug is easily influenced by environmental factors, and it also has adverse effects on the environment and environment, and it is necessary to pay attention to the immune function of the fish. Because of the economic reasons, antibiotics are not suitable for all the way.
3, bath (immersion method)
Is a short period of time in a small volume of water to use high concentrations of drugs, compulsory fish by the drug, the body surface of fish. This method is usually used in the transfer of the pool and transport processes, and the treatment of ornamental fish diseases often use this method. The method has less dosage and the treatment effect is good, but it can be infected with the pond for a long time. Because the operation is troublesome, it restricted and in the operation process, poisoning and anoxia accident prone, so must be very careful, be sure to grasp the drug concentration and dipping time, abnormal timely evacuation. In addition, this method has a strong stress response to fish experience due to high drug concentration and mechanical operation, which affects the subsequent feeding and disease resistance.
4, hanging bag
Hanging bag for medicine refers to the drug loaded bags or baskets hung in cages or ponds feeding grounds near or other water environment, the drug use in the slow diffusion play a long time the prophylactic and therapeutic effect. When the bag is put in the bag, it should try to control the release rate of the drug, release the drug quickly, and it may cause drug poisoning. If the food is in the food field, it is necessary to make the drug concentration in the range of the fish, or it will affect the fish feeding.
5 Injection
The injection is the injection of the fish. By injection of different parts, injection and intramuscular injection and intraperitoneal injection. Intramuscular injection of general in front of the dorsal fin and lateral line in the middle of that fish the thickest part of, and the fish body is Eve joy, 30 ~ 40 Eve joy, angle and direction to head into the needle. The depth of the injection is not up to the size of the spine. Intramuscular injection is applied to the muscle tissue of non irritating drugs. Intraperitoneal injection needle position in the ventral and lateral line in the middle of the partial above, such as skilled, liquid can not leak, this than intramuscular injection effect. In addition, in the base of the ventral medial oblique Xiangyang Road in the direction of the needle is worth outline two injection method and injection to ogle medicine absorbed quickly, the effect is good, but the operation of the trouble, counterpoint to the stimulus is relatively large, used for parent fish and a few rare fishes and ornamental fish.
6 local smear
Topical is mainly used for treatment of pro’s or valuable fish skin lesions, commonly used pharmacological agents with ointment, gentian violet, iodine and hydrogen peroxide and other, because of the fish body wall newspaper slippery, and sometimes cream is not easy to smear up. This delivery method is usually used in the treatment of furunculosis when.
7, indirect administration
Indirect administration law refers to the drug feeding to treated bait biological science and then the accepted drug food organisms feeding to the treatment object, such as Kang fish only bait feeding activity and not feeding pellet feed, so only the first drug to bait fish feeding, and then switch to Mandarin. Some sea fish also belong to this situation.
Different drugs are applied to the different routes of administration many antibacterial drugs such as tetracyclines (including strong bad cable, dimethyl ammonia tetracycline, oxytetracycline and tetracycline), chloramphenicol, macrocyclic lactones, sulfa drugs, furans, nalidixic acid, Pipemidic Acid, chloric lincomycin lactobionate, some Penicillium cable (amoxicillin penicillin, ampicillin) etc. can be oral, and most rapidly absorbed. Surface of aminoglycoside antibiotics such as streptomycin, gentamicin, slime molds) and banquet effect lactam drugs after oral administration absorbs little, can not be used for treatment of systemic infection, but can be used on some pathogenic microorganisms caused by intestinal infection. Applicable to intramuscular or intraperitoneal injection of the drug has 10 amides, aminoglycosides, polymyxin class, chloramphenicol, Lin mycin and sulfa drugs and so on, but some of them also have certain stimulation. Tetracycline, erythromycin and amphotericin B by irritating strong, not suitable for intramuscular or intraperitoneal injection.