Diagnosis of fish diseases

Correct diagnosis of diseases of fish and aquatic animals is an important part of preventing and curing diseases. Only through field investigation, detailed examination of diseased fish, in order to achieve accurate diagnosis, suit the remedy to the case, in order to achieve the purpose of effective treatment, in order to provide the basis for taking further measures of preventing disease and breeding.
Field investigation
The purpose of the survey is to understand the pathological phenomenon, feeding management and water quality changes in the fish, and provide the first hand data for the comprehensive analysis and accurate diagnosis of the disease.
Pathological phenomena and medical history of fish culture
The genesis of fishes and aquatic economic animal diseases, acute and chronic, acute disease, body color and the constitution of the fish body with normal little difference, but careful observation, lesions vary slightly. In the short term, there will be a peak of death. Chronic diseases, the body color of the fish body black hair, emaciated body, travel alone, slow activity, mortality increased slowly, in a relatively long time peak mortality occurred, some do not appear the death peak, just a long time continuous fish. When the fish in the water set door prefectural uneasy, a shoe to jump, while dramatically mad swim should pay attention to two, either the body surface of fish parasites invasion, or that is in the water containing toxic substances, such as pesticides or toxic industrial wastewater. The former showed a slow increase in the number of deaths, but the death rate was not high, then a large number of deaths, and including wild fish, including the death of a variety of fish.
In aquiculture water the same. Every year the emergence of a fish, such as sticky Cryptosporidium disease, bacterial septicemia and, should history investigation, for fish disease diagnosis to provide information, in order to take effective measures.
Feeding and management situation investigation
Fish and aquatic economic animals, often associated with poor feeding and management. Application without the rotten manure or dosage is too large, commercial feeds are of poor quality or fed too much, will cause the deterioration of water quality, oxygen in the water, to the growth of pathogens and predators, reproduction provide a favorable environment. On the contrary, the water quality is thin, lack of food, and can cause anemia, a disease. Trawl and other improper operation, it is very easy to cause the white fish injury, disease and saprolegniasis. Therefore, the specific circumstances of the various aspects of fertilization, feeding, and dragnet operation and stocking varieties and specifications, density and onset of the calendar year should detailed investigation.
Investigation on water quality of aquaculture water
Water pH value and dissolved oxygen changes but also caused one of the reasons of fish diseases, especially suspected by the water quality changes cause the death of fish, but also to the laboratory for chemical composition of water analysis. In the greenhouse environment, we should take into consideration the need to improve the control system such as light, circulating water, and so on.