Principle of using antibacterial drugs

Principle of using antibacterial drugs
(1) the correct diagnosis of the cause, rational use of drugs, strict control of the drug’s indications
Correct diagnosis is the primary condition for successful treatment. The main infectious diseases of fish bacterial diseases, viral diseases. Parasite disease called invasive disease. It is easy to diagnose the disease. It can be found that there is a large number of pathogens by the naked eye or by the microscope. According to the general symptoms of infectious diseases of fish and combined with laboratory tests to determine, but in practice, if we can exclude the parasite can use broad-spectrum antibacterial drugs for diagnostic treatment. After the observation for several days, if the effect is not obvious, it should be considered whether the virus disease, or re adjust the treatment plan. Should pay attention to the need for a certain period of time to play the drug, can not expect the day of the drug can quickly bear fruit. In fact, at one or two days after treatment, there is often a phenomenon of increasing mortality. This may be due to drug pathogenic bacteria in fish kills, prompting bacterial cells and release of endotoxin, acute poisoning caused by the death of the fish, this case is generally 3 – 4 days mortality will decrease, otherwise you should consider whether the drug overdose causes.
In addition, there is often a mixed infection of multiple pathogens in the late course of the disease. The common clinical car caused by grass carp gill rotifers and mixed bacterial infection, grass carp reovirus and gas production of single cell infection caused by enteritis, then there must be treatment options for different pathogens.
The correct diagnosis, selection of drugs according to drug indication, and adopt appropriate methods of administration.
(2) drug use time sooner rather than later fish once the disease, the symptoms appear loss of appetite, not feeding bait, oral drug on it can not afford to use fish in the pond after onset of action why drugs can control the disease? That’s because the drugs that are used to prevent the fish from the onset of the disease have a protective effect, so the real treatment for fish is not. It also shows that the more importance in fish disease prevention measures in yi.
(3) it is important to emphasize the importance of the immune system in the treatment of the disease. It is necessary to realize the importance of the immunity of the fish body.
(4) oral and topical use of drugs, external use of drugs is to play a role in the treatment of drugs on the surface of the body, and oral medication is to play its role in the absorption to control systemic infection. For bacterial diseases, whether it is a surface infection or systemic infection should be taken orally, external use of combination. For the infection of parasites in the body surface can be used only for external use, but sometimes it can also be effective for oral administration.
(5) to observe the effect of treatment in time, if the treatment effect is not obvious, we should analyze the reasons from the aspects of diagnosis, medicine, dosage, administration method, etc.. But should not be too frequent replacement of the drug; using a treatment regimen should be at least 72 hours after the observation to determine its efficacy, otherwise it will only result in drug abuse.
(6) to avoid the generation of bacterial resistance, which requires adequate dosage and treatment, and to pay attention to the use of different antimicrobial agents. Parasite resistance to drugs is also common.