Prevention and treatment effect and adverse reactions

Prevention and treatment effect and adverse reactions
Drugs for the prevention and treatment of diseases, can produce a beneficial effect on the body, but also produce some adverse reactions to the body. Preventive action can be divided into preventive effect and therapeutic effect. In terms of treatment can be divided into symptomatic treatment and due to treatment, which is temporary and permanent. The former is to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of the disease, the latter is to eliminate the cause of the disease, because the treatment can eliminate the cause of the disease to achieve the effect of a cure, symptomatic treatment can not eliminate the cause, but can relieve symptoms. In clinical practice, should follow the “acute is the treatment of its standard, light is the treatment of its own, the specimen and treatment. Principle.
There are two main types of adverse reactions, that is, side effects and toxic reactions. The former refers to the role of the drug in the treatment of dose not related to the role of the role, generally relatively mild. Such as the drug in the body after the acetylation of acetyl. The lower solubility of sulfacetamide, in urine is acidic easy in renal tubular precipitation and damage the kidneys, this is sulfa drug side effects. Toxicity is usually in the use of large doses, the course is too long or the individual to a higher sensitivity of drug. In order to avoid the occurrence of toxicity, pay attention to do not any more than the drug commonly prescribed amount, in addition to the side effects and toxicity, adverse reaction and allergic reaction, allergy and idiosyncratic reaction, but for fish this several adverse reactions of little significance.
Drug resistance
Although many effective treatment of antimicrobial agents against bacterial diseases in fish, but bacterial disease but throughout the year in place. This is the case, the reason, if the method is correct, but also not the drug has failed, it is the reason for the inhibition of the role of drugs to reduce the pathogenic bacteria. Once effective drugs become inefficient or invalid, it is because pathogens to drugs cause resistance of, called the nature of bacteria resistant Xiaohan, but does not have the properties of common bacteria known as drug sensitive bacteria. Bacterial resistance to antimicrobial susceptibility is reduced. The emergence of drug resistant bacteria is the result of drug selection, which is due to the use of antibacterial drugs. To make the sensitive bacteria inhibited or killed, the original account for a very small number of anti drug strains to the opportunity to multiply into a dominant group, the disease caused by these bacteria is difficult to use conventional drugs to control. However, bacteria are resistant to a particular drug, which may be sensitive to the other, but at times the bacteria are resistant to one drug, and it may become resistant to another, called cross resistance. There are cross resistance in general drug. If, for example, a bacteria resistant to tetracycline, then of oxytetracycline will appear cross resistance, bacteria on a sulfa drug resistance, then to another sulfa drugs certainly with drug resistance. Therefore, in order to make the correct choice of antibiotics, we must carry out the pathogen isolation, and then carry out the drug sensitivity test of pathogenic bacteria, in order to determine the selection of drugs for treatment.
If a drug has been used widely, it will appear to be resistant to the drug. The problem of drug resistance bacteria is not only the problem of drug efficacy, but also can spread the drug resistance to human pathogenic bacteria, which makes the treatment of bacterial diseases difficult to be directly or indirectly. Therefore, the use of antimicrobial drugs in public health has received great attention. In turn, human and animal drug resistant bacteria can also pass through the feces, through various channels to enter the pond, and the drug resistance to the fish bacteria, causing the emergence of drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria, which should also cause people’s attention.
In order to prevent resistance, need to pay attention to the following aspects, that for the first time large dose principle, rotation use different drugs, with medication, long enough for a course of treatment and the use of a new generation of antibacterial drugs such as norfloxacin.