Spring carp Viremia

Spring carp Viremia

Spring carp Viremia (also known as carp-catching ascites syndrome) is caused by a carp rhabdoviridae carp branch is an acute infectious disease, hemorrhagic. Systemic bleeding, ascites, characterized by the onset of acute and high mortality. OIE listing it as need to be declared to the OIE diseases.

1 the etiology

Spring carp Viremia virus, also known as carp rhabdoviridae, genus rhabdoviridae Vesiculovirus.

2 epidemiology

Infection as a sick fish, dead fish and poisoned fish. Transmission of water-borne virus via branchial and intestinal invasions. Possible vertical transmission, or by certain aquatic blood sucking parasites (Shi, inchworm, fish leech etc) mechanical transmission. Detox sick fish and poisoned the fish manure, urine, semen and eggs also contain viruses.

This disease mainly infected carp, carp of over 1. Silver carp and Bighead carp, crucian carp, Wels catfish in Europe can also be infected. Also enable the artificial infection of rainbow trout, grass carp, Northern Pike.

This disease are popular in Europe, the two continents, is the first class fish quarantine and quarantine objects. Main hazards 1 aged Cheng Li, to carp is most serious. Pop every spring (temperature 13~20℃), water temperatures over 22 ° c is no longer the disease, spring carp Viremia, hence the name.
Spring carp Viremia-clinical signs
The disease incubation period is 1-60 days.

Body color black, breathing difficulties, ataxia (side trip, drifting or swimming). Abdominal swelling, proptosis, anal redness, skin and Gill permeability and blood.

Anatomy characteristics of systemic bleeding edema and ascites. Gastrointestinal bleeding, accumulated within the abdominal cavity with serous or bloody ascites. Heart muscle, kidney, bladder, bleeding and inflammation, especially in the inner wall of the bladder are most common.
Spring carp Viremia-Diagnostics
1 according to the epidemiology, clinical signs and pathological changes may make a preliminary diagnosis, requires further laboratory confirmed the diagnosis.

2 laboratory Diagnostics

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, direct fluorescent antibody test for virus detection, virus neutralization test.
Spring carp Viremia-combating
Use polyethylene of pyrrolidine iodine agent (PVP) mix the Fed can reduce mortality. Strict quarantine requirements water, the introduction of breeding fish eggs and fish virus. Discovered or suspected sick fish must be destroyed, fish culture facilities to be sterilized.

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